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EP75 – One More Sign, God

his week in the Trenches we have Mrs. Kenyana Yates, the Deaconess herself. Kenyana discusses how not listening to God will force you to learn the hard way. She talks about how some of her judgement in her first marriage was clouded by her tenacious mentality & fear of failure. She then takes us on the journey from being a divorced, single mother to becoming a wife for a second time.

Key points from this episode:

– Pay attention to the red flags

– Be true to who you are as a person

– Work on knowing your expectations before committing to another person

About Kenyana:

As an engineering graduate of Virginia State University, she currently serves as a Supply Chain Leader of one of the nation’s leading E-Commerce companies. She has been recognized for her work in Diversity Careers in Engineering and Who’s Who. However, her most notable accomplishment is raising two daughters, Kendall and Raiya, with her husband Dimitri.

Social Media Handles:

Twitter – @DeeToWhy

Instagram – @allyagape

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