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EP73 – “Are you whole?” ft. Cherie Denise

Jumping into the Trenches with The Toulons this week is a special guest by the name of Cherie Denise. Cherie is an author, life coach, and motivational speaker, currently residing in Atlanta,GA. Cherie discusses being whole, common issues within relationships, and how communication is still the #1 way to create a connection when it comes to relationships.

Cherie’s also discusses her first book, titled, “Treasures Revealed: Insight on Communication & Relationships.” She carefully illustrates personal heartfelt insight on bridging the gap between communication and relationships. Treasures Revealed is built on faith and how it correlates to the power of the tongue.

For more information on her book, please click the link below:

Connect with Cherie Denise:

IG – @CherieDeniseSpeaks

Facebook – Execute365

YouTube – CherieDenise Speaks

Website –

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