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EP16 – “Its HIM, not her!”

Jumping into the Trenches this week with the Toulons, is Curtis and Danielle. This married couple of 9 years takes us on their journey in truly showing the growth of a relationship and the marriage. Curtis and Danielle admit to both being dangerously childish from throwing knives, moving furniture, damaging each other belongings and having your children put the mirror up to show you who you really are. The couple touch on why they don’t suggest people getting married before 30, getting to know who YOU really are before walking down the aisle, and using all your resources to come together to make this thing work. At the end of the day, the couple want you to know through their story that marriage is work and sometimes you just gotta pull out the “pink thing” :)</p> <p>In this episode references:</p> <p><a href= “”></a> – Link to the book mentioned in this episode. The movie is “Fire proof” and the book that goes along with it “Love Dare”.</p> <p>If you enjoyed this episode, please tell a friend. See you in the Trenches next week!

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