EP74 – “Dolo Dates For Starters”

Jumping into the Trenches this week is expert Dolo Dater and Creator of the “For Starters” App, Jennifer Smith. Network Jenn, as she is known on Instagram, discusses the reason behind why she created the app in the first place. Jennifer also talks about why people struggle to date these days and what does it mean to dolo date. Jennifer brought up the fact that individuals need take the time to enjoy being single. She also mentioned being intentional about…

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EP73 – “Are you whole?” ft. Cherie Denise

Jumping into the Trenches with The Toulons this week is a special guest by the name of Cherie Denise. Cherie is an author, life coach, and motivational speaker, currently residing in Atlanta,GA. Cherie discusses being whole, common issues within relationships, and how communication is still the #1 way to create a connection when it comes to relationships. Cherie’s also discusses her first book, titled, “Treasures Revealed: Insight on Communication & Relationships.” She carefully illustrates personal heartfelt insight on bridging the…

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EP72 – “Doc n da Trenches” ft Dr. Kendell Jasper

On this week’s episode, The Toulons welcome Dr. Kendell Jasper from Doc n da Dude into the Trenches. Dr. Jasper has been a featured guest on The Breakfast Club radio show and Sway’s Universe Youtube Channel. Dr. Jasper was not able to join us with his lovely wife, but he still took us through some of their love journey. Dr. jasper discusses infidelity, growing in communication, being 90% transparent, and being your unapologetic self. Finally, Dr. Jasper wrapped it up…

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EP71 – “Sucka for Love” ft Fred Whit

On this episode of In the Trenches with the Toulons, the Toulons welcome a very special guest. This gentlemen is King Sucka of SFL Club (Suckas for Love). On this episode you will hear him discuss his journey of heart break, breaking hearts, growing from mistakes, and his expectations now that he knows what he needs.

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EP70 – “Our 2nd Yr Wedding Anniversary”

Happy Anniversary to US!! The Toulons made it to their 2 Year Anniversary and discuss the journey of getting here. The Good,Bad, ugly cry, progress and growth all revealed in this episode. DISCLAIMER: I hereby declare that I do not own the rights to this music/song “Is this love”. All rights belong to the owner. No Copyright Infringement Intended.

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EP69 – “Change Came” Update Episode

The Toulons have a returning guess back in the Trenches. Trench Mob Member, “Dee” from episode 51 “Change Gone Come”. Dee returns to give us an update on what happened and how things are going now. Don’t forget to tell a friend, Subscribe, rate and comment!!!!

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EP68 – “Traffic Jam”

Trench Topic this week was relationship traffic jams. That recurring issue that keeps coming up in your relationship can cause the end to your relationship if not corrected. The Toulons talk about a traffic jam they have had for a while in their marriage.

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EP67 – “Back seat”

Trench Topic this week, the Toulons discuss the impact of losing your children at the hands of your spouse. Topic was taken from the New York father, who forgot about his 1 year old twins in the back seat of the car for 8 hours.

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